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Vinh Phuc province to spend 7 trillion VND on new-style rural area building
10/2/19 2:09 PM


The northern province of Vinh Phuc plans to set aside some 7 trillion VND (301.3 million USD) to carry out the national target programme on building new style rural area by 2025.

The province is striving to have its city and all districts recognised as new-style rural areas, of which at least one district will be certified as a model new-style rural locality in the next six years.

Besides, it will work towards the target of 50 percent of communes achieving advanced criteria for new-style rural area, 15 percent of communes recognised as model new-style rural communes, and 30 percent of villages identified as model new-style rural villages.

The money will be used to construct infrastructure like roads, power grid, water system, schools and medical stations. Concerted efforts will be made to improve the living quality of rural residents with poverty rate kept under 1 percent and healthcare insurance coverage rate of 95 percent.

The provincial People’s Committee is studying mechanisms to support the building of new-style rural models which create breakthroughs for the local socio-economy. Accordingly, local programmes and projects will be developed in tandem with the national target programme, while production will be branched out in response to climate change and to improve local farmers’ income.

In addition, the province will mobilise all resources to boost the new-style rural area building.

Source: vov